“I have been doing meditation for more than a decade now, however, it is now after being introduced to Preeti that I feel, I understand what meditation is all about. Preeti is an amazing teacher. She has abundance patience and understands me very well. I have become more patient, composed and calmer after being introduced to Preeti’s style of meditation. I just adore her as a person.”

Priyanka Atal, Sr. Legal Professional


25 Essentials to Happy Living

On 10th September, 2017 Preeti Pathak’s debut book ’25 Essentials to Happy Living’ was launched at Pune International Literary Festival. The book saw a welcoming response from literati’s and was referred …

Enrich Life

Enrich Life was launched on 31st May, 2019 at Title Waves – Mumbai’s first large format boutique book store in Bandra. The book was launched by three generations of the proud …