The Discovering Me Series: Why Its Important to Forgive Yourself

Self-forgiveness is a subtle state related to our reaction, relation & attitude to others & our own self. The ultimate road to forgiveness is built on the plinth of forgiving own self as well as others. Be mindful of own speech, action & expression. When you forgive others you are actually forgiving your own self. This is the fundamental principle of the universe.

The road to Self-Forgiveness    

1. Nurture yourself
What comes naturally is obvious, it is the not-so-obvious which, is difficult. Ignoring and bashing your own self maybe easy as the circuit is developed over years. What is not integrated into the circuit is self-nurturing. Listen to your inner voice. Follow it & you will be happy & healed.
Be gentle & forgive yourself for the bright personality that you are!

2. Keep the faith
Trapped in a web one tends to lose patience & hope. Faith, hope & patience with persistence keep us going. Believe, all is happening in your life by Divine intervention for your highest best. A wave with high current cannot be stopped by a wall. Be that wave. Expand & explore using your potential.
Keep the faith, work hard & forgive yourself!

3. Love yourself
Where there is love there is compassion, understanding, empathy, respect, joy for own self.
Be that lover to your own self & forgive yourself, you are worth it!

4. Let go
The best medicine for self-forgiveness is to let go. Every experience is a learning curve in life. As easily as you let go more beautiful will be the tapestry you weave.
Let go & forgive yourself. Life has much more to offer, you are special!

5. Keep affirming the magical words 
Just as every illness has an antidote; Ho’oponopono* is the antidote for self-forgiveness which, acts as a healing balm.
‘I love you’
‘I am sorry’
‘Please forgive me’
‘Thank you’
Keep affirming with these to heal your life & forgive yourself!

6. It is okay to make a mistake or wrong judgment
If it is okay that a toddler learns to stand & walk on his own after several attempts, that a spider does not create his perfect home in a perfect place until many attempts, why wouldn’t it be okay for you to make a mistake & learn? Cauterize the judgmental attitude within. Never be harsh to yourself.
Keep calm, forgive yourself & carry on. It is not the end of your world!

7. Manifestation into physical illness
80% of our mind is in the gut.** Most of our thoughts, worries, anger, anxiety & other emotional experiences get accumulated in our subconscious mind. These stored emotions, unforgiving nature manifest into physical ailments.
Don’t worry, be happy & forgive yourself!

8. Benefit of doubt 
Being humble is rewarding. It is crucial to understand perspective as it helps fix the puzzle before making any hasty remark. Always be humble, give respect & love yourself, giving yourself the benefit of doubt for everything you do.
Keep smiling & forgive yourself, without any doubt!

9. Stop Self blaming
You have an important place in this world but not to blame yourself for every wrong that happens around.
Keep chillin’ & don’t blame yourself, you are special!

10. Journey to live; Journey to learn
Success & failure are not an end of the journey; you meet them as you travel the journey of life with many learnings every situation and experience impart upon you.
Keep cool enjoy the journey & forgive yourself!

11. It’s all in the mind
Nothing is ever good or bad, right or wrong. Everything is just the way it should be. The principle of duality grips us in oscillating emotions. Strong will power & determination always supports transcend in life.
Stay mindful & carry on!  

12. Law of Universe
What is yours will always come back but if it does not; then it never belonged to you. Self-forgiving & humbleness will always fill your pail with love.
Keep loving & forgive yourself!

* Hoʻoponopono (ho-o-pono-pono) is a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness.

** Theory of Mind by Dr John Kappas, Clinical Hypnotherapy Manual

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