The Right Ingredient

Often I hear people say that it is never enough. I hear couples complain that as much as we do the other person always looks at what is missing and it is never enough. “My mother usually makes everything about herself,” is the thought echoed by many teenagers and young adults in my sessions.

Is it all about expectations, ability, communication, perfection and pleasing? Or is it about compassion, understanding, expressing appropriately and patience with perseverance by both parties involved for a harmonious outcome. It is always easy to blame, what is difficult is to introspect and accept own skewed thoughts and attitude.

The pre-requisite for cooking any recipe is feeling happy and willing to cook. After the willingness to cook next step is to source and organize all the ingredients followed by tempering and cooking patiently on a low flame.  While a perfect recipe is an outcome of right proportion of all the ingredients; a spicy, tangy or even acidic flavor will not appeal our taste buds if the key element, salt is missing. Tempering and accurate proportion of all herbs isn’t enough for a tasteful dish. Aroma and flavor from any preparation appeal us not only when all elements are mixed at the right time and allowed to cook on slow flame but when it is garnished with the chief element – love and affection! A mouth-watering, stomach filling and heart-warming preparation is layered, folded and garnished with positive thoughts, love and compassion.

 So what is the right ingredient we need to have in our lives and relations for a happy and healthy well-being?

Covid-19 National emergency put everyone’s normal life in a neutral gear. Sudden declaration of lock-down and recovering from an injury I was unable to travel and so my husband and myself were confined in different cities for four months. Panic across and closing of international borders we choose not to fly our daughter home rather keep her safe where she was. The right ingredients that made us strong and our bond deeper was understanding each other patiently, being calm and positive. Practice of mindfulness not only made us aware of the situation and actions to be taken but a deeper realization to draw up from the reason to be in individual space and overcome our inhibitions.

Mindfulness helps introspect and identify the right ingredient for our own well-being and well-being of our relations with our loved ones. You will master your life when the right ingredient blends into your personality and becomes your first nature. The right ingredient will keep you in control of your own emotions, attitude and ultimately your reaction to people and situation. Unhappy and agitated experiences, attitudes and emotions are key spoilers for everything. Introspection helps understand the right ingredient essential for your well-being and conscious, consistent efforts help absorb it to rise and shine. 

Set a goal for the right ingredient you want to absorb into your personality and a positive intention of becoming it. The right ingredient will help build healthy and happy physical, mental and emotional stability. Your right ingredient will not only fill your personal relations with harmony but professional ones too.  

Covid-19 helped me discover my right ingredient. Did you discover your right ingredient?

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