The Discovering Me Series: How to Know Yourself

Hello friends, it is my pleasure to connect with the readers of FMC through the ‘Discovering Me’ series, every Monday for the next 9 weeks on #MotivationalMonday. The objective of the series is to help you get in touch with your inner self.

Every soul, every person is born with a talent. And still, our survival instincts are always alert. It is in challenging periods and during life’s rough patches that we look for solutions within us. At times, too much attention is given to these challenges. Result: We merely exist. We do not live life to the fullest. We forget the joy that small moments and memories bring to us. Trapped in the cycle of life, we adorn different hats: spouse, parent, daughter-in-law, a good relative, a thorough professional, only to discover one fine day, we’re in the middle of the sea without a life jacket!

You strive to fill cups of joy for all those around you, but you forget to acknowledge and appreciate your own self. All you want is a bit of appreciation and love. At times, you wait for an approval from others on small matters. The ‘I’ is hidden – sometimes suppressed beneath all the roles you play. Unknowingly, you give people and situations, the power to control you and your emotions.

When frustration and anger supersede all emotions, you feel remorse. Which child do you attend to – your inner child or others? Usually its the other person’s. You put all energy to please others, ignoring your own inner child. If you haven’t encountered these dual emotions, excellent!  Else, it’s time to nurture your inner child.  Age isn’t really the deciding factor whether you are an adult or a child. There is an inner child inside each one who wants love, attention, nurturing not just by others, by own self too. Turning the torchlight within can make life fuller with its harmonious ripple effect on others.

We are all but a fragment of the Supreme Being. What he has, we have. Lord Shiva known as Ardhanarishvara, half male & half female is a beautiful blend of Spirituality & Shakti. I believe that in every human being lies this beautiful blend of Spirituality and Shakti. It is a fusion of masculine & feminine energies. Balance & harmony is important in everything; it is imperative to maintain a balance of your own energies for a happy & harmonious living. “Love your own self as you love others.”

Who am I?
What do I want?
What triggers me?
What makes me happy?
Why am I doing what I am doing?
What is joy to me?
What makes me feel complete?
Do I feel free in myself?
What is freedom?

These are a few questions to help your introspection. Do ponder over them to get your answers. Family and society are an integral part of your life, but you are an integral part of yourself. Connect with that ‘me’ within to seek true answers & freedom within. The question originates from you and the answer lies within you. During the course of this week set aside ‘me time’ for 10 minutes. Calm your mind by practising the double inhalation technique. A calm mind and a relaxed body gives a clear understanding. It helps connect to the reservoir within to seek answers. Maintain a ‘Discovering Me’ journal & write the answers to the above questions. Next, you must plan steps on how to accomplish them.

Stay tuned for next weeks # Motivational Monday as you get closer to ‘Discovering Me.’ Please feel free to inbox your questions at

Double Inhalation Technique as taught by Sri Sri Paramhansa Yogananda
Take a deep double breath. At inhalation tense your entire body from toes going up to the crown of your head tensing the entire body for brief few seconds. Then double exhale from the mouth (make the sound ‘ha-ha’) & relax your body. Repeat this exercise 3-5 times as much as you are comfortable. At the end of few round, you will experience that your breathing is calm & no physical tension. This helps concentrate & focus on your thoughts with clarity.

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