The Discovering Me Series: 6 Steps on the Journey to Self-Realisation

The journey of self-realisation is to get close to one’s real self with each passing day, through different experiences and deep learning that help one transcend for the best in life. It is in challenging situations, tragedies and seasons of failure that takes one close to discovering own real self and moulding one’s own personality. With steadfast practice and perseverance, your life will change for the best and you will not be able to recognise your own self.

Tips for self realisation

  1. Regular and sincere practise of yoga. Yoga is the union of body, mind and soul. When, in yoga postures, your focus and attention is on that part of the body, the muscles which are being used. This helps us align own energies inward, preventing them from scattering.
  2. The art and science of Raja Yoga and Hatha yoga helps understand own self better. With every learning in its philosophy Raja yoga unveils and helps one get close to own deep nature, attitudes and emotions which need to be understood and rectified for a happy living.
  3. Energisation Exercises as taught by Paramhansa Yogananda.
  4. The regular practise of pranayama twice a day on empty stomach helps us connect with the life force / energy force or prana in us. Practise of pranayama helps cleanse the blockages in our nadis thus releasing out all tension and stress stored within our body. Pranayama not only cleanses and detoxifies us but helps us calm our mind, body and energies. Pranayam is the wishing tree of life. It is imperative to follow the right breathing pattern as a part of our living. Incorrect and shallow breathing pattern harms the well being of a person.*
  5. Meditation is the key to stress- relief. It is the key to heal the body, mind and soul.*
  6. Discipline in thoughts, action and operation helps bring a lifestyle correction and getting close to realise one’s own self.

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