The Discovering Me Series: 10 Tips to Practice Self-Compassion

Compassion is the act of kindness, being mindful, having common humanity not only for other people who are in pain and suffering but also for one’s own self. Compassion for others as well as for own self is expressed through gestures, words and support.

Tips to Self Compassion

1. Compassion is an integral part of our being 
Common humanity, kindness and a big heart with unconditional love to heal all reflected in thoughts, speech and action of Mother Teresa and Helen Keller. They had an unconditional compassion for people. Always connect with and acknowledge the compassion you feel for your own-self and others. Express it.

2. Being mindful and acknowledge own suffering
Many people put their own suffering on the back burner to help others. Over the years, people tune themselves under the influence of external environment and internal reactions to behave in this manner.

3. Compassion begins with me
When you heal and attend to your own suffering first you are in a better state of mind to aid others.

4. Follow your heart
Some are afraid of being labelled as self-centered if they put self over others. One must be compassionate to others but not at the cost of losing own sanctity.

5. Self-compassion is an art
An art of being mindful, kind, loving, nurturing, own self in overwhelming moments.

6. Self-compassion is a science
The child is the father of his own creation. Everything created around and including us are in constant motion, action, reaction; everything is matter and energy with vibration*. When we experience pain, stress, anxiety, are emotionally disturbed; in overwhelming moments of suffering, we experience pain deep within. Stress-fighting antibodies rush to that part which feels the pain to heal.

7. Follow laws of nature
Nature has beautifully created humans and living beings; on the one hand, love, understanding and gentleness towards our own self, helps combat the suffering and on the other hand a built-in defence mechanism.

8. Use own free will correctly
Suffering causes pain. Being unaware one tends to curtail within own shell of pain and suffering closing all doors & windows leaving no scope to breathe the fresh air beneath the wings. One of the most important tip for self-compassion is never to be a victim of this state.

9. Heal Yourself
You can heal yourself by loving all around your life including pets and nature, a prayer of gratitude, being in the company of happy and positive minded people, caring and sharing.

10. Prayer of gratitude 
This is a magical tool. It opens all doors of your mind and heart to the many things and relations that you are blessed with, gradually shifting your focus from suffering to the blessings in your life. Daily practice of ‘prayer of gratitude’ works as a healing balm.

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