Re-engineering During Lockdown

We live in the age of duality.Every bad is balanced with the good. There is a constant pull between negative and positive emotions and oscillating thoughts between the right and wrong. The law of Universe explains that nothing is ever permanent or static, it is constantly changing and evolving. Eventually, wrong also finds its route to the right. Every dark cloud has a silver lining. What seems like a catastrophe, in reality is the end of evil and dawn of the good and new. The battle to destroy the evil isn’t about number of days, weeks or months. What is significant is victory. After a protracted war for 13 days against Ravana, Rama was victorious and he rescued Sita.The battle of Kurukshetra between Kauravas and Pandavas lasted for 18 days!

Our battle against Corona Virus is not only about number of days of lockdown, economy, business and ‘so believed’ normal life rather it is a torch putting light on various areas of our lives toreign and realign.

The negative of this mishap is the adverse impact on economy, loss of jobs, sudden brake on all activities and coping withthe change in way of living. The positive, an opportunity to re-orient and re-define business strategy, business models, socializing style, education methods and communication approaches via technology. A challenging time to ideate using survival instincts not just for own benefit or profit but for other people too; staff, family and the society as a whole.Man is the father of all creations. For centuries not only has he survived challenging conditions but has always evolved successful. What looks like an unprecedented time, has actually come with a basket of opportunities, which we may miss if we succumb to the situation.

The hard wired subconscious mind usually guides us to complain as an instant reaction. Complainingabout what is not there, instead of being productive and thinking, ‘what can I create from what I have?’The tendency to pile up belongingsin the cupboard continues, till festival cleaning or when hell breaks. This stagnant negative energy of stacked articles slowly buildstamasicenergy. De-clutter and clearance immediately brings a feel of good vibration. The Pandemic has bought us the opportunity to shake-up and bring to lifestored ideas which were buried under the carpet of normal life. It has come with the opportunity to cleanse the old unwanted and re-define ideas for new success.

Man was standing against man ready to slit throats several months ago and today they are standing together to save a man. Everything around is energy and vibrates. Thoughtsarealso energy and have a vibration. Mass negative energy vibrations over positive energy vibrations can lead to a natural disaster with adverse impact in the universe.‘A single blow of blacksmith is equal to hundred blows of a goldsmith.’ Universe gave several opportunity

to the human race to realign own thoughts, desire, lifestyle, attitudes and cultural thinking.

Now, Universe is aligning it. The greatest learning is that there is no age for struggle and innovation. Expect the unexpected.Every challenge makes us strong and paves way to be successful and evolve. Patience with perseverance, belief, conscientious efforts, cautious yet brave, positive thoughts, staying happy, healthy food habitsand company of positive peoplemake the perfect amour to fight this battle.

The pandemic has come with layers of opportunity for every person at personal and professional level. During the lock down many are staying with family, some are stranded away from home and some are staying alone.An opportunity for each to create a personal space and balance emotions. It is that time to connect and discover your real self.Calmness is the mantra to be in charge of the situation.

Continuous complaining, depressing thoughts, stress, anxiety, agitation and remorse will only bring down the confidence and morale. To face any challenge we fight. The given pandemic is helping us make ourselves more strong and brave. Emotional and mental strength will not only help survive the pandemic but, strengthen our will-power and be in control of the situation. Mind holds the power to manifest thoughts into reality.Uplifting thoughts and affirmations have a deep impact on the subconscious mind.Make it a habit to say uplifting affirmations every morning after you wake up and before sleeping at night.

The body accumulates thought toxins which manifest in form of tamasic and rajasic energy causing physical ailments. Exercise, yoga and pranayama detoxifies not just the body but the mind as well. It fills the body with life force energy, sattvic in nature. A fresh and oxygenated mind brims with abundance of creativity and positive vibes.

Ultimately, it is not about surviving the pandemic alone but coming victorious and finding avenues of abundance and positivity.

Resolve to evolve.This too shall pass.

Published on : 10th May, 2020

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