Nominated for Vow Book Awards 2019

Nominated | Book Awards 2019 | English Non-Fiction

25 Essentials to Happy Living

Author: Preeti Pathak
Publisher: Vishwakarma

Award Category: English Non-Fiction

About the Book: 

Have you ever experienced or explored true happiness? Have you ever felt hesitant to share or express your happiness with others? Have you felt anxious and torn apart within yourself or with others without reason? Are you looking for peace, positivity and purpose?

If yes, “25 Essentials to Happy Living” will enable you to explore true happiness and how to achieve it! It touches upon a basket of emotions and attitudes present in our heart and mind. With Preeti Pathak’s effective guidance and experiences, you will be able to truly comprehend positivity, emotions and a de-stressed life.

A check point for you to pause, reflect and even change all that is harmful to you and your loved ones. Read ahead, to let this book shine the light within you for a contended and beatific life.


Testimonials: “Through this book Preeti has aptly concised an all-embracing guide to a healthy mind and peaceful soul. It is a key to understanding the true meaning of spirituality”- Manisha Kahai-Tarot Reader, Healer and Life Coach.

“It is the first step towards a harmonious life and becoming a better human being. Drawing upon real life experiences Preeti shows us how to grow as a person”- Dr Brijesh Siwach- Physiotherapist

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