Mother and her Infinite aspect

Mother and her Infinite Aspect

Whatever be ones caste, creed, sex, religion and wherever one stays across nations, festival celebrations are always power packed with joy, love, and togetherness. With each passing year there has been a shift in my understanding and approach to festivals and, religious celebrations. As a youth my mind pondered upon innumerable questions – why do we celebrate festivals, why specific God for specific festival, number of days every festival is celebrated, observing fast and much more. I was never convinced with the answers my mother, grandmother and my intellectual self-gave.

I will also not deny, that with each progressing year new truth,  new understanding was revealed and that helped me evolve and blossom. I was deeply attuned with my Higher Intelligence and gradually new facets came to my understanding.

On this auspicious 8th day of Navratri ( Durga Ashtami), as a Life Enricher I was inspired to share with all my readers, learning and actual significance of festivals from my mind’s eye. Festivals are Power Banks which, come at regular intervals all through the year to rejuvenate, recharge and enrich our lives and uplift our moods from the mundane marathon for money and success in every arena of our lives. They come as speed breakers and remind us to pause, introspect and take stalk of our selves.

The state of joy and high spirits is far superior to any spirit in the world which, take us on a high but for few hours only.The new morning is welcomed with low energy and more often with a heavy head. Complete reverse of feeling light the preceding night. Being in the vibration of festival celebration and Divine energy immense positivity is experienced. This pure energy uplifts our determination, willingness and develops an optimistic approach towards every situation in our own life. Clarity in every aspect of life is established if we are able to attune ourselves with it.

Every festival is symbolic to one of the many subtle attitudes which are present within us. We seldom connect with them. Ganesh Chaturthi, Birth of Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, Jesus Christ, Shravan Pooja, Halloween… all festivals communicate a message which essentially needs to be decoded.

Ganesh Chaturthi conveys a message of learning. Learn to accept obstacles as a part of life and remember that they are never permanent. With strong will power, courage and determination we must fight all hindrance. Only when we face them do we learn and progress.

Birth of Divine souls in human form teach us to celebrate life and not remain attached to the illusion in the delusional and materialistic existence. Nothing is permanent. Life is a full circle. Everything has a beginning and an end. Always connect to your source and celebrate your progress without being greedy.

Shravan Pooja observes celebration and offerings to Lord Shiva, the destroyer. Lord Shiva most revered and prayed by devotees doesn’t just hold the label that I am the destroyer of it all. The subtle message that’s taught to us is to learn to destroy our limiting pessimistic thoughts which, are the cause of our own destruction. Demolish selfish, greedy, lust and cunning attitudes which, wear a garb and sit in some corner of our own being. Known as Bholenath, we too need to awaken our inner child and fulfill our wish, desire, aspiration and live a life with modesty, self-control and self-confidence.

During the festival celebrated for our ancestors, the departed souls we remember and pray for their progress in their onward journey in other realms and seek blessings.

Navratri which, is celebrated for nine days (technically ten as the last day is Dussehra) has a deep profound learning which, help us progress on every plane of our existence professionally and personally. We need to be disciplined and true to our own self.

Mythology explains, Divine Mother( Maa) took many different forms either to fight evil or to fill all hearts with love and light. Every avatar she took is symbolised to an aspect which, all devotees must try and attune with to invoke and connect with that attribute within own self. Divine Mother is our protector, healer, mentor, fighter, nurturer, guiding angel and restorer. She epitomises love, honesty and respect.

Sitting in the temple as I look into the deep eyes of Mahalakshmi Maa, whom people worship for wealth and prosperity, I realised that she is not just symbolic as a Goddess of wealth and prosperity but is an exemplar of love, gentleness, humbleness and nurturer which are forms of Shakti. She takes care and takes charge of our lives. Mahalakshmi Maa and other infinite forms of Maa are Shakti across time and space always looking out for us.She dwells not outside but within us. The question is do we really understand this? Do we pause to fathom this uplifting feeling and connect with the shift within us and our microcosm. 

Divine Mothers existence cannot be restricted only to 9 symbolic avatars or names for 9 corresponding nights with 9 colors only. Divine Mother permeates through every spec of colour, form and thing we see around. She encompasses the universe. Divine Mother is circumference everywhere centre nowhere. Her eyes are an ocean of Shakti depicting power and strength in everything. Shakti to love, Shakti to be modest and sincere, Shakti to safe guard own self and yet be selfless. Shakti is strength not limited just to physical power, it encompasses being creative, organised, focused, self -righteous, self-confident and much more.

The festival of Navratri connects us with our Higher Intelligence and our Shakti which, is Omnipresent. It is this Shakti within us that helps us transcend all limitations, obstacles and embrace success. As divine grace flows our battery is ever charged with shakti/strength.

Different aspects of Shakti, which, the festival of Navratri awakens within us

Power to be

Confront all challenges and limitations
Fulfill own desire and aspiration
Able to use own power in favorable assertive manner
Flexible with other and own self
Non harsh with others and own self



To seek new opportunity
Rise up with every failure
To never give up
To be optimistic always
To fight all evil and obstacles
To speak the truth
To be creative



To face own weakness
To face failure
To stand upright face all challenges and never give up
To face every situation without losing self-control
To know that life is ever changing
To be attached yet detached

Will power

To grow
To regenerate
To enrich life in every situation
To be ever ready
Never to be complacent
To accept change as inevitable
To let go and not hold on

More Shakti to

Develop the right approach and attitude in professional and personal life
Self-forgiveness and forgiving others
Balance our Yin & Yan energy
Being humble
Composed and sharp clarity of thoughts and action
Being Happy
Belief in oneself
True to own self
Helpful without any expectation
Connecting to own source of abundance
Being a listening ear
In state of happiness always
Expanding horizon of understanding
Hard working
Being whole, healed and complete
Magnetise success
Magnetise wealth, health and prosperity
Spreading and sharing love and positive energy


Connect with your Shakti.
Hide it not; Ignore it never,
In the veil of limiting thoughts.

Connect with your Shakti.
Use it appropriately in every situation,
For Success and Abundance;
For  Joy and Prosperity!

God is one. Be it as light, or like a figure.
God comes to us in figure form as we connect with it and anchor upon.
Through different names and different festivals we are taught to love and respect ourselves. Only then will we learn to love the innumerable aspects of the infinite.

Love & Light

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