Love Is….

Love is – Assurance, Adjusting, Appreciative, Ambitious, Abundance, Absolute truth, Acceptance, All encompassing, All in one and one in all

Love is – Being able to breathe, Bold, Bliss, Brave, Being understanding, A Blessing to be able to love and care,                                            Benefit of doubt, Belongingness

Love is – Compassion, Contentment, Connect deep within, Calm, Conviction, Confidence, Communicating

Love is – Devotion, Dedication, Determination,

Love is – Empowering, Emancipation, Expansiveness, Expressing,                       Ego free, Enthusiasm,  Energizing, Encouraging

Love is – Fearlessness, Freedom, Faith, Fondness, Faith in laws of                        the Universe

Love is – Guidance, Gratitude, Give Help, Glow,

Love is – Humbleness, Humility, Happiness, Honesty, Healing,

Love is – Infinite, Intuition, Inner force,

Love is – Judgement free, Joy 

Love is – Knight Lamp

Love is – Live the moment to the fullest, Light, Liberation, Listen

Love is – Motivation,

Love is – Nurturing others, Nurturing own self, No pain, Non                              imposing, Non biased, Non attachment

Love is – Optimistic, Oneness, Omnipresent

Love is – Power, Pranayama, Protection, Peace, Patient

Love is – Quiz that is very simple if understood and complicated if misunderstood

Love is – Receptive, Responsible, Respect, Releases tension, stress & anxiety

Love is – Surrender,  Secured within, Seek help, Security, Smile, Support, Strength,

Love is – Thankfulness, Therapeutic, Trust, Touch, Together in highs & Low,                              Tender care, Tolerance, Togetherness, Talking, To be yourself

Love is – Unconditional, , Union, Upliftment of consciousness, Understand,

Love is – Vibrational connect

Love is – Willingness, Will power

Love is – xebec which, helps you sail through testing times and all times

Love is – yohimbine, youngberry

Love is – zest of our life

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