How to Remain Calm… Through Life Trials & Exams

Planning a study timetable gives clarity & helps focus on our goal, which helps maintain mental calmness.

Time passes & turn to years, generations change as we age but one factor remains constant –  exams & the cloud of tension it carries.

As a 10-year-old, one thing I dreaded the most was exams. My laid-back attitude always worried my mom. During my unit exams, I went outdoors to play with my friends. I played beyond sundown & crossed my curfew time without the slightest worry. I turned a deaf ear to my mom’s continuous reminders to prep for my exams. After several attempts, she gave up. Oblivious to this, I returned home expecting my mom to help me with my studies immediately. I was afraid to face her. But my mom was calm & cool. She told me, “Now you study by yourself. I am busy. Once I finish my work, I can help you.”

All hell broke loose! I had never studied by myself. My mother was my anchor. I was totally dependant on her. My elder brother & sister were busy studying for their exams so I could not seek their help. I was always in a rush to complete my homework to go play with friends. Tears started rolling down my cheeks as I sat in the verandah, my face resting on my lap. Emotions of fear & regret welled up and I realized my mistake. This time, nobody came to my rescue neither my brother, sister nor my grandmom. I opened my book to study, but my mind was lost in deep thoughts. That day, I learnt my lesson for life. Discipline with consistency, focus & concentration is the key – not only to achieve good marks but to be calm always!
Laid back me became pro-active 8 weeks before the final exam. This became a regular habit thereafter. I strategically planned my study time-table & implemented it. Planning a study timetable gives clarity & helps focus on our goal, which helps maintain mental calmness.

Today, our children are exposed to a lot of pressure, a lot more stress than we faced academically. The bar has been raised. But the good news is these children are very smart and are more than capable of facing the challenges thrown at them.

Remain calm at all times

Moms today have a far more challenging role to play than in the yesteryears. Every mother needs to put on the hat of Captain Cool. Only a cool mind can help give the right guidance.
It’s my observation that children of all age rebel if loaded with instructions. They have an unwavering fire within to explore & do things by themselves. Every mom must befriend, guide & be a facilitator to her child. This bond is essential to help children be calm not only during exam period but through all trials of life.
Self-created academic stress, competitive stress & parental stress with regards to marks is the burden, which children carry. It is imperative for every mom to be an anchor to help release stress & not be the cause of stress to her own children. Harness your child’s EQ (Emotional Quotient). It’s not only marks that matter but the overall Personality Development, which determines the success of your child. Marks are important but what’s of prime importance is that children understand the concept & enjoy the subject. When children hear this from their moms, they are relieved & become calm to a large extent. Their attitude towards study changes completely & scores also improve.

Physical activities

Physical activities like running, exercising, swimming helps release the accumulated physical, mental & emotional stress & be calm. India’s Heritage, Yoga & Pranayama help calm the body & mind at a deep level & enhance performance. A regular practice of even count breathing & alternate nostril breathing(5-10rounds) helps de-tox & release the accumulated stress in the muscles and entire body. Correct breathing is using the diaphragm.With every inhalation, the stomach expands and it contracts with every exhalation. Pranayama must not be practised on a full stomach.

Take a walk

A walk in the open air helps calm the mind & improve concentration. Make it a habit to walk 10-15 minutes’ minimum without phone or music player before sleeping.
The most powerful technique to calm the body & mind is Paramhansa Yogananda’s technique of Double Breathing. This technique helps release tension from the entire body, bones & muscles, instantly. Children must practice this technique 3-5times before doing pranayama & essentially before studying as well as before taking exams.

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