Enrich Life was launched on 31st May, 2019 at Title Waves – Mumbai’s first large format boutique book store in Bandra. The book was launched by three generations of the proud family and was attended by eminent personalities.

Enrich Life is a 20-day magical journey towards enriching life by one’s own self. The book brings awareness to various aspects of the Self. Through the powerful beam of beautifully woven analogies, stories and experiences, Enrich Life invokes awareness, encourages acceptance of the Self, guides to develop an action-plan and ameliorate benefits for a balanced, happy and harmonious life in today’s dynamic and challenging time.

It is a sequel to 25 Essentials To Happy Living. Where 25 Essentials To Happy Living helps all readers to turn the torch light within to understand own emotions, behaviour and attitudes prior to holding other people and situations responsible; Enrich life encourages all readers to take a deeper look to understand and connect with various aspects of the Self.

“Enrich Life is a masterpiece.”- Sangeeta Dasgupta, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach-ICF

Book Description

For centuries man has been on an unceasing quest for bliss which, he explores in luxury, task, indulgence, responsibility, service and relations. Lamentably, every time he finds own self entwined and lost in complexity of et all! Over the years, our hard-wired subconscious circuit likes to believe that the cause and effect of every experience is a manifestation by all that is outside but not own self.

After a soul filling debut book, 25 Essentials To Happy Living, nominee of REC-Vow Book Awards which, draws light to understand own emotions, attitudes and behaviour for a happy living, Preeti Pathak brings to you another soul stirring book, Enrich Life to uplift and harmonize your life by your own self. The book encourages all readers, to question the how, where, why and what of SELF for holistic wellness.

Through a 20-day magical journey, Enrich Life is a magnificent boulevard to bring your awareness to your real self, accept and ameliorate.


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“Lights, camera and… action! Every day, we perform roles.Somewhere in all the action, we lose our sense of self. Feel a vacuum.Enrich life is the bridge to realign us with our own Self. This empowering book is the need of the hour in today’s challenging times.” – Jitesh Pillaai, Editor, Filmfare


“In this blessed and ever so guided book, Enrich Life through the Guru, Parmahansa Yoganandaji, Preeti has given us an insight into what I call ‘true practical living’ faced by all of us. She has paved the way as simple solutions of all our daily problems and situations we face despite being ever so religious or spiritual. She has put forth the Guru’s remedies to lead a truly satisfied life which does not come from money, name or fame. She has made us understand how to recognise our True self and deal with all events and eventualities with correct directions.” – Dr Harpreet Wasir, Heart Surgeon, Medanta Hospital Coach


“The book is a treat for all those seeking simple but deep truths that could transform lives. The use of real-life stories to illustrate the points being made, makes for an interesting read. Here you have spirituality that you can understand easily and in an engaging way. “Enrich life is a must read.” – Madhureeta Anand, Film Writer & Director


“Every chapter is interspersed with analogies, stories, questions to reflect upon and exercises to practice in daily life; all designed to hard wire the transformative changes ‘within’, so that the journey towards fulfillment is well on its way.” – Daljit Singh, President, Fortis Healthcare

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