On 10th September, 2017 Preeti Pathak’s debut book ’25 Essentials to Happy Living’ was launched at Pune International Literary Festival. The book saw a welcoming response from literati’s and was referred as an essentially required coffee table book in today’s vulnerable lifestyle. A book for keeps in the library, draws light on different human attitudes and helps align them for a happy living.

25 Essentials to Happy Living shares 25 different aspects of human nature such as attitudes, personality, behavioural patterns, ego and emotions like anger, possessiveness, love, criticism, fear, jealously, harmony to mention a few. They need to be understood, accepted, and rectified – if essential – by us for a happy and stress-free life. The book also explains and gives direction to seekers on how to overcome such limitations.

It is human tendency to deviate from one’s core values when caught in the race of life and web of delusion in spite of being aware of the truth learned from various sources and techniques. 25 Essentials to Happy Living aims to be a checkpoint for all those on their journey of self-realization and spirituality as well as a guide to being mindful for those who are curious and keen to learn and improve their way of living.

“25 Essential to Happy Living is an essentially required coffee table book in today’s vulnerable lifestyle- Sandeep Bijoria, CEO Sunvin Group

Book Description

Have you ever experienced or explored true happiness? Have you ever felt hesitant to share or express your happiness with others? Have you felt anxious and torn apart within yourself or with others without reason? Are you looking for peace, positivity and purpose? If yes, “25 Essentials to Happy Living” will enable you to explore true happiness and how to achieve it! It touches upon a basket of emotions and attitudes present in our heart and mind. With Preeti Pathak’s effective guidance and experiences, you will be able to truly comprehend positivity, emotions and a de-stressed life A check point for you to pause, reflect and even change all that is harmful to you and your loved ones. Read ahead, to let this book shine the light within you for a contended and beatific life.

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“Through this book Preeti has aptly concised an all-embracing gudie to a healthy mind and peaceful soul. It is a key to understanding the true meaning of spirituality” – Manisha Kahai- Tarot Reader, Healer and Life Coach


“It is the first step towards a harmonious life and becoming a better human being. Drawing upon real life experiences Preeti shows us how to grow as person.” – Dr Brijesh Siwach, Physiotherapist


“Written as very simple narrative, this book helps you to reflect on various aspects of your life and relationships. Definitely,a good starting point to begin your self-discovery journey!” – Neelam menon


“In a very simple and lucid style the author has illustrated important life lessons, which generally we miss in our daily life. Reading each chapter is like taking a tonic, with essential vitamins. Must read for all.” – Rajinikanth.U


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