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“Life is a journey with work always in progress leading to personal growth on spiritual & non-spiritual planes.”

Writer, wellness coach and a counsellor, Preeti’s writing encourage and inspires her readers to be happy in all life situation. Confidence, love, faith, compassion and belief in yourself are the fundamentals to understand own attitudes, emotions and their impact on own physical, mental and emotional health. An avid reader with a passion for writing, her purpose in life is to seek freedom and help others find theirs.

Preeti Pathak’s book 25 Essentials to Happy Living was adapted in a book formatfrom blogs with a strong desire Preeti had to reach out to many souls and help them introspect their lives and lead a relatively happy and stress – free life and become better individuals.

25 Essentials to Happy Living shares 25 different aspects of human nature such as attitudes, personality, behavioral patterns, ego and emotions like anger, possessiveness, love, criticism, fear, stress, jealously and harmony just to mention a few which, are essential to be understood, accepted, and rectified – if essential – by us for a happy and stress-free life. The book explains and gives an insight to seekers, how to overcome such limitations.

It is human tendency to deviate from one’s core values when caught in the race of life and web of delusion in spite of being aware of the truth learned from various sources and techniques. 25 Essentials to Happy Living aims to be a checkpoint for people on their journey of self realization and spirituality as well as a guide to self awareness for those who are curious and keen to learnbeing mindful and improve their way of living.

Every person is different from others but they share one thing in common – attitude. The book reflects the deep-rooted and subtle attitudes, both positive as well as negative, that shape the way we relate to the world outside us our society, community and the world within our own self. For a happy, peaceful and joyous well-being, it is essential for us to become aware, introspect and identify our own limitations and overcome them.

In every chapter, Preeti draws the attention of the readers on fundamental human nature and attitude and offers a tip or technique how to combat the limitation for a happy living. The book offers guidance on how to manage stress, anger, ego, money matters, how to improve communication and much more across 25 chapters.

“Freedom is but a state of mind. All problems originate from us and their solutions also lie within us.”

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