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After ‘25 Essentials to Happy Living‘, Preeti Pathak is back with another book which is a sequel to the first one. In her second book ‘Enrich Life’, she highlights the importance of self-love and respect. This book has a lot to offer you if it is read with patience and mindfulness. I read this book just once for the purpose of reviewing it on this platform. But believe me, friends, this is not a one time read. In fact, Enrich Life is a lifetime asset in your collection.

’25 Essentials to Happy Living’ was all about being happy by making simple changes in your life. Enrich Life comes as a practical guide on how to find that happiness within yourself. You get to analyze your inner self, your strength, your weakness, anything and everything that’s is within you.

My Review

Loved the beautiful narration that goes deep into the reader’s heart. The concepts inside the book are presented in a simple manner with real-life examples. The author advises you to maintain a journal while reading ‘Enrich Life’. At the end of each chapter, you are supposed to answer some questions and write them down in your journal. These are questions that will help to understand how well you know your inner self. When you put down your thoughts in a piece of paper, you start to get a clear vision about your thoughts. This way of approach is very impressive and useful to dig out best out of this book.

Even though Enrich Life is a sequel to Preeti’s previous book, you need not necessarily read the first book to understand this one. But, her ‘25 Essentials to Happy Living‘ is an equally awesome piece of wisdom, so I would recommend not to miss it. You can read my review of her first book right here.

Now again coming to ‘Enrich life’, it reminds you to love yourself first and then look into the world outside. When you love yourself, the world will start to respect you. Awareness, Acceptance, Action-plan, and Amelioration (improvement) are the four pillars of Enrich Life. In the end, you will discover a new You.

I also loved the positive affirmations after every chapter. You are guided to repeat those affirmations to build a strong attitude within you. Whenever you feel a little low in your life, pick up this book and read it again and again. I promise you will never regret. It talks everything about self-love and also clarifies the difference between self-love and selfish love by the end.

Life comes with several twists and turns. During the constant efforts to live it the best, sometimes we forget to love and respect ourselves. Take a break, breathe, pick up some enriching books like this and make your life beautiful.

Enrich Life by Preeti Pathak

When you love yourself, others love you too and when you learn to respect own self and feelings, nothing and no one will ignore this. In fact, you rise up on a pedestal in the eyes of the people when you raise your bar.

My Rating


I highly recommend Enrich Life. If this book interests you, I have shared the purchase link below. Do check it and also see if you would like to buy Preeti’s first book ’25 Essentials to Happy Living’.

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