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Author: Preeti Pathak

Publisher: Viswakarma

Pages: 196

Genre: Non-fiction, self-help

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Man has been always intrigued by the quest for bliss. Spiritual bliss to be accurate.

Preeti’s new book, Enrich Life, talks about a 20-day journey to enrich one’s life and manifest bliss and to align our outer self to our self, our souls.

The book cover:
A woman doing yoga seems apt for the content. A simple font and the regal color palette makes the cover look very enticing.

I have been a great fan of self-help books and have read and reviewed many such books. So, what is different about this book?

Two things:
1) The steps. Starting from self-love to self-counselling, the book covers various levels such as self-help, self-confidence, self-motivation, self-discipline and so on. These steps are to be implemented and used. Merely reading them will not help us. One must take a journal and start making entries. Only then this is going to make any sense.

2) The easy and short chapters. Each chapter is laid out in a similar manner and makes it easy to assimilate. Every chapter has an affirmation and tips to help us implement the step.

Real life examples of people give us that context while we read the chapters. I could relate to several examples. It made me rethink several beliefs. I found it easy, it made me think, it made me change track, and it made me realign.

Here is what I finally think:

This is one book that you should take time to read. This is a labor of love, which should be kept at your bedside and must be consumed at a slower pace. This is an experience.

I highly recommend it.

Rating: *****/5

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