Book Review by Kevein Mallik

The culture of reading self-books is increasing worldwide. Though it is good, but, do you know…why? The answer lies in our lifestyle patterns. We don’t realize but with the passage of time our lives have been overtaken by hectic schedules, tight deadlines, and lack of time for basic things, and never-ending desires.

People get entwined in the process so badly that to enhance the mettle and quality of their lives, they get into self-help books with a very strong and optimistic outlook. However, the ground reality is that self-help books come and go, if not like civilizations…but somehow like the sessional phenomena. Some self-help books promise you a lot, but fail with the content hidden inside. Many take you to a good level, but midway you realize that it’s becoming a banal affair. No doubt, self-help books help people to come to out of their bad times or also succeed in refreshing their mind to some extent.
However, have you come across a self-help book, which is full of SELF and holds the power to transform your life in a matter of 20 days. Yes, here is that book – Enrich Life by Preeti Pathak.

Before getting into the content of the book, we would like to put out that this book succeeded in cracking the nut, which otherwise 99 percent of the self-help books fail with. What’s that? The book never sounds banal. The reason is very clear, the author has kept every chapter short (2 to 3 pages), and clearly segmented into Questions for the journal, Followed by Tips, and Affirmation (that’s the best).

While reading, you got to make points chapter wise, and it is recommended to read from starting, first to last, for the best possible results. In a sense, it is an exercise that needs to be carried out carefully for 20 days.

Enrich Life is focused on SELF. As a human, do we care about ourselves? No…we are lost in some other’s world. We strive hard to be someone, to please others, to fake our qualities just to leave an ephemeral impression on others who probably do not matter so much to us. In doing all that, we have lost ourselves.

The soul within us forgets that ‘we too’ exist. We, in lieu of different demands, become harsh and cruel to ourselves. We begin remaining upset with ourselves. Do you know…why? Because there is a thing called SELF and we ignore it all the time. Well, this book talks about different aspects of SELF. What is it, how it can help us, and how many types of SELF are there within us? From self-love to self-belief to everything in between, the book takes to all the realms of self.

If you understand that ‘self’, you will not only love yourself but also believe in loving others selflessly. For soul searching or understanding your life, if you are in an eternal dilemma, well then this book does hand-holding for you. Other than knowledge about Self, there have been shared a few Yoga techniques for immediate upliftment.

Inclusion of author’s personal story and many others as per the situations make this book riveting and unputdownable. Another USP of the book is that if you felt confused about something related to SELF at any point of time, well you may refer this book in all enthusiasm, it will leave you replete once again. However, to get the most from it, it has to be read thoroughly, in an order, and of course many a time during this life span.

From title to cover page to writing style and page quality, all is conducive to make readers feel in and out with the book. Highly recommended and a must-read for all sorts of reader base. The author’s domain/work knowledge gets reflected in the book effortlessly. On any day, it makes up for good and fruitful read.

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