Preeti is a certified Yoga Teacher, and has successfully completed 200 hours of RYS from Ananda School of Yoga, India. Ananda School of Yoga is a member of Yoga Alliance.

Swami Kriyananda disciple of Sri Sri Paramhansa Yogananda started developing Ananda Yoga not long after he meet Guruji in1948.

Yoga means union. Union of body with mind and inner self.. .. one’s own Higher Self.  At Ananda Yoga I experienced that yoga is not merely a physical form of exercising the body rather it is an inward connection with our subtle energy which, helps create a state of consciousness. This uplifted state of consciousness brings alignment and awareness to ones own thoughts and attitude which, helps build a healthy physical body, enhance concentration and clarity. Ananda yoga teaches Hatha Yoga which is different from other traditions of yoga.

Ananda Yoga follows a unique and deeper approach to yoga where every posture is meditation in action which is calmly relaxing, uplifting, revitalising and energies ones entire being while performing the asana. It helps release all physical, mental and emotional tension and disturbance.

Core and unique principles of Ananda Yoga

  • Respect your body and hold the asana as long as your body gives you the permission to do so.
  • Getting into perfect physical posture is not as important as much it is to connect inwardly with the flow of energy in the body and spine. The forward, backward, side bends and inversions slowly help increase body flexibility and release the stiffness in the spine.
  • These are positive statements which when told mentally help replace distracted or disturbed thought patterns and works on the subconscious mind filling oneself with peace.

Empower, Heal, Vitalize, Align, Regenerate, Evolve yourself with Ananda Yoga.

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