The Discovering Me Series: Do I Really Know Myself?

Gliding high & Gliding low,
Flying through wanderlust I glow,
Endless journey bound by time,
Must I haste or is it a waste?

I see the glow I follow it so,
Feeling perky, chirpy & joyful though.
Marvelling though,
Who am I; What am I?

How long will I live in that glow?
Marvelling though; Marveling though!

Self-awareness means knowing your Own-self. Man is a complex being, which is perceived otherwise by many. Our own attitude & free will, when used inappropriately, complicates life influencing our thoughts & approach towards our Own-self.
Life is a beautiful journey to fulfil your own aspirations & desires. When coping with duties, responsibilities & multi-tasking, usually the Self is forgotten or ignored. As mentioned in my previous article, for a happy & harmonious ‘You’, it is imperative to have a right balance in all aspects of life. Being aware of other peoples’ need & expectation but ignoring own passion serves no good. An excess of anything is intoxicating. Connect with your inner knowingness to be aware of your Own-self.
I remember one such incident where the person was attuned & aware of needs of the family & others, ignoring her Own-self. This imbalance led to frustration, anger & unattended expectations. Disharmony between ‘Selfless love’ & ‘Self-love’ and a lack of Self-awareness led to this situation. 

Let us create an illusion
Imagine that the planet we live in; this universe is unreal. Imagine it to be a theatre, a stage where you perform your role as per the script was given to you by the Director (The Supreme). With some ‘Veto Power’, you change some things in your life which, make you happy. The question is, do you put energy in the character others play as family & a friend or would you rather focus & be mindful of your role-play? Think well before you answer this question. This exercise helps you become aware of your role & your purpose in life!

Being Sensitive, Knowing Own-Self is Winning Half the Battle
Who am I?
What am I?
Why am I here?
What am I supposed to do?
Where do my interests lie?
What do I like?
Why am I doing what I am doing?
What disturbs me & Why?
What is the purpose of my life?
Puzzle over the above questions in ‘me time.’ Pen down your reflections in your ‘Discovering me’ journal to know yourself better & connect within for a joyful you.

What is the need for a ‘Discovering Me’ journal?

  • As you pen your thoughts you get clarity & direction.
  • It facilitates introspection.
  • It acts as a personal reference manual to keep you steadfast & happy, always.
  • It is the control point of your sincerity & willingness to implement & achieve your action plan.

“Greater the will, greater is the flow of energy” – Paramhansa Yogananda.

With increased energy, you get confidence, clarity, focus & determination to do what is best for you.

There is no age or time but situations, positive & open-minded attitude that help you know yourself. Listen to every experience, situation & conversation; it subtly imparts a learning. This connects with your inner understanding gradually takes you closer to know yourself. One of my workshop on ‘Happy Living,’ was attended by young corporate boys & girls who were keen to learn how to be happy, always & live in harmony. Another workshop which, I attended was a heartwarming experience to see enthusiastic senior citizens who already knew so much in life but were like sponge ever willing to learn more. Curiosity to get answers to all questions that breeze in our mind is the first step toward self-awareness.

Tips to Know Yourself

  • Always be in a mindful state to understand your heart’s guidance.
  • For a change, go on a coffee-date with ‘yourself.’ It may feel awkward initially, but as time passes you will enjoy the bliss of ‘me time.’
  • Be sensitive to & respect your feelings.
  • Avoid the company of people with negative thoughts.
  • Always be in the company of positive & happy people.

“Beneath the hard coconut shell, reigns your tender self. Remove the cast & you shall discover yourself.”

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